Trending News: Watch Parents And Kids Getting High Together For The First Time Quick Take Smoking weed with your parents for the first time is a rite of passage. It’s just something that’s part of growing up and realizing your parents aren’t the big scary monsters you thought they were when you were a teenager. Rather, […]

I’m a sex educator and a cannabis industry professional. By and large, most of my friends are colleagues and my colleagues are my friends. This means I spend a great deal of my time talking with other people who speak my language—who understand what I mean when I say internal condom or who don’t blink […]

The retail experience for cannabis combine in the fields of branding and identity to truly elevate the presentation of this plant. For December, we sit down with Washington state based Bondi Farms co founder Grace Kelly, and their designer Nelly White to gain insights on their approach to branding cannabis. What is your inspiration behind […]

Cannabis cultivation and manufacturing is the fastest growing industry in California, projected to grow into a $6.5 billion market by 2020. But for every production site in the state, marijuana byproduct accumulates rapidly, posing an environmental and compliancy dilemma for thousands of companies. The transportation and disposal of cannabis waste requires specialized infrastructure, licensing and […]

Recently there has been a rise in conservative support for the legalization of cannabis. Currently the approval rate sits at 42 percent, not too shabby considering the right’s recent pick for attorney general is quoted saying, “Good people don’t smoke marijuana.” It’s almost as though this change of heart may have come from a higher […]

Summer is here and if you’re looking for some summer loving–solo or partnered–this list will help you out! I chose high quality, innovative items to showcase because I believe your pleasure is worth it! Mindfully combining sex and cannabis means being thoughtful about the products you’re using and the ways in which the materials and […]