Survey: Many people using weed to boost their sex lives

My favorite strain of weed is called Pineapple Jack. It’s a sativa known for giving users a happy, euphoric, relaxed feeling. However, I also like Pineapple Jack because it’s a powerful aphrodisiac—as in, five minutes after vaping it, I want sex. Like now.

It’s no secret that cannabis and sex have been linked for centuries—I’ve written about it several times for Fusion. But rarely do we get hard numbers on how many people are actually using weed for sex because, historically, marijuana use has been extremely under-studied.

Which is why a new survey from HelloMD, a California-based digital healthcare platform for the cannabis industry (think ZocDoc for marijuana), is rather exciting. The company surveyed 1,400 legal marijuana patients over the course of seven days in January 2016 to find out who’s using weed for what.

The most common conditions reported by patients for using medical marijuana were chronic

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