Call for crackdown on illegal marijuana shops

SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) – A community group in Casa de Oro called for a crackdown Monday on illegal pot shops that have been popping up in the community.

The call for a crackdown comes during the same week when the County Board Supervisors are considering a moratorium on issuing licenses to shops.

Residents said illegal shops are on either side of Campo Road in Casa De Oro. One of the shops used to be a tire shop.

The man who identified himself as the landlord said he rents the storefront with tinted windows at 9925 Camp Road advertising a tattoo and vape. The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department has identified that storefront as an illegal medical pot shop.

“Why don’t they go to the one [shop] across the street, or that one, or this one? Why do you have to be on my property,” said the landlord as he made an explicit hand

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