What science doesn’t know about the menopause: what it’s for and how to treat it

My physio, a young woman called Lucy, was simply making conversation. She wanted to distract me from the serious discomfort she was about to inflict by massaging the nerves around my painful posterior tibial tendon, an ankle injury that I assumed I had brought on by running too much. “My mother’s post-tib has ruptured,” she said. “It’s really common in menopausal women.” This definitely worked as a distraction. What did all this have to do with the menopause, I asked? She looked surprised, because to her the answer was obvious: “Collagen.”

For about a year, the skin on my hands had been peeling, monthly. I had seen GPs and pharmacists and been given various remedies, from “Try thick hand cream,” to “Drink more water.” Lucy’s comment made me research more: oestrogen is related to collagen production, and when oestrogen levels start to change in women who are in the

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