Fate of Tijuana dive bar hits rumor circuit

“Si güey, el Zacas va a cerrar” (“Yeah man, Zacas is closing”), a musician named Osvaldo “el Teme” said, confirming the rumor. “Someone told me it will happen before the end of the year. We should go talk to Pancho; he knows all the details. We will definitely be playing a goodbye show before it is gone for good.”

Osvaldo is the lead singer of the most prominent reggae band in Tijuana, Cañamo, and more than just a regular at Zacas.

Named after a municipality near Mexico City, Bar Zacazonapan (better known as “Zacas”) has been by the entrance to Zona Norte since 1975. The first thing you smell when entering the “tolerance zone” is fried chicken mixed with sewer odors. But as soon as you turn the corner on 1st street and head down toward Zona Norte, you get a whiff of cannabis smoke.

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