Store at your own risk, bud

In March 2014, San Diego’s city councilmembers approved the sale and distribution of medical marijuana in designated areas throughout the city. What they didn’t do, however, is address where, or how, dispensary owners should store the marijuana. That question remains unanswered.

On October 6, the city attorney’s office issued a memo to San Diego’s director of development services, Robert Vacchi, confirming that when it comes to storing medical marijuana, dispensaries and collectives are on their own.

“The City of San Diego does not currently have any land use regulations specifically governing medical marijuana storage,” reads the October 6 memo. “The current city land use regulations only regulate where [dispensaries], as defined, may be located, the required permit process, and related conditions of approval and operation of [dispensaries]. Therefore, under the current San Diego Municipal Code, storage, as well as any other potential land uses regarding medical

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