The fateful free cookie

Navajo Community Planners voted unanimously on December 15 to recommend denial of a conditional-use permit for Living Green, a medical marijuana cooperative currently operating in a 2844 square-foot, two-story building on the 4400 block of Rainier Avenue in Grantville.

“We are supposed to be the eyes and ears of the community,” said planning-group chair Matt Adams. The issue is “not just boxes checked” when applicants meet permit requirements. “They have been operating illegally. The biggest box they can’t check is being a good neighbor.”

Before voting, the planning group reviewed documents that included a December 9 City of San Diego notice of violation directed to property owner Bradley Brown and Living Green agent for service Cary Weaver. The notice ordered the business to “immediately cease” dispensary use and vacate the site.

Furthermore, John Pilch of the San Carlos Area Council spoke about city

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