Why You Must Try A Cannabis Orgasm Before You Die

Orgasms are hard to obtain and even harder to duplicate if you’re with a dud of a partner. They’re sometimes a complete guessing game, like what to do, how do I touch, or does that even feel right? Relax orgasm lovers. A cannabis orgasm might just be able to save you and your big O.

According to science, people who are open to smoking marijuana are twice as likely to have multiple orgasms versus an individual who doesn’t smoke at all.

This study shows that cannabis smokers are 109% more likely to have two orgasms or more during sex. Damn those are good percentages!

For women and men, a cannabis orgasm enhances the sensations that are brought on by sex.

For women, the lasting feeling of orgasms is created by triggering receptors in the brain that give off pleasure and release euphoric sensations.

This release makes the orgasmic sensation longer and allows women to

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