Police warning over legal high Spice as three men are hospitalised after smoking ‘synthetic cannabis’

Police have issued a warning over the legal high Spice after three men believed to have taken it were treated to hospital.

Officers were called to Staffordshire Street in south east London following reports of a man in his late 20s having a fit.

He told officers he had taken Spice, which is synthetic cannabis, after being offered it on the street and he was taken to a South London hospital at 9.40pm yesterday.

About 10 minutes later, they were called to Peckham High Street where a second man, who is also believed to have taken the drug, was showing similar symptoms.

legal high spice
Legal high: Spice is a synthetic cannabis

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said he later discharged himself having been taken to hospital by ambulance.

A third man also thought to have taken

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