Lib Dem conference: upbeat Tim Farron on floods, elections and the party’s fightback

With only eight MPs and languishing on just seven per cent in the polls, Lib Dem leader Tim Farron is bravely outlining the party’s “fightback”.

Teeing up its spring conference, he has just posed for the obligatory photo opp in a pub, clutching a pint of freshly-poured ale.

But rather than being bitter about the voters’ verdict last May, when the Lib Dems sunk from 56 Commons’ seats in a devastating result that forced Nick Clegg to quit as party chief, he is optimistic.

While Labour has been having its existentialist crisis over Jeremy Corbyn ‘s leadership, and the Tories have been tearing themselves apart over Europe (again), the Lib Dems have been quietly trying to get over their defeat and rebuild their battered party.

Appropriately, they are having their conference in York, the city hit by devastating floods over the winter , and Mr

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