12 Weirdest Things People Did With Sex And Weed

People and cannabis sometimes seem to have a very strange relationship. From drinking it too, to getting high with it, to literally sticking it up the butt, people are experimenting heavily with new and original ways of having sex while being high. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

1. A Woman Drank A Bottle Of Cannabis Foria Lube

After drinking a bottle of cannabis lube that contained 450 mg of THC, Mira Gonzalez ended up being high for the next three days. There ya go champ.

2. Sticking Cannabutter Up The Butt Hole Is A Thing

Cannabutter in the butt is said to give the user a euphoric high because you’re literally shoving it up into the bloodstream. Oh and apparently people are using sharpies to get it up there. SHARPIES!

3. One Guy Got High And

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