Is sex addiction a real thing or just a lame excuse?

I made the mistake of watching Nymphomaniac the other night. If you don’t know, Nymphomaniac is about sex addiction and is Lars von Trier’s answer to Steve McQueen’s much more eloquent take on the topic, Shame. Here’s a spoiler: Nymphomaniac is a tedious trek through stereotype, hack philosophy and blunt analogy. But it does at least go so far as to say what Von Trier’s lead character cannot say with words: sex addiction can ruin your life.  

See, it’s an actual thing. As much as we might like to snigger at so-and-so, who is, like, totally a sex addict because s/he cannot keep it in their pants ha ha, sex addiction is filed under what is called ‘process addictions’.

Process addictions are those compulsive behaviours that end up taking over your life, relationships, job and general well-being. Ever watch that TLC programme Extreme Couponing? Process addiction. Ditto compulsive shopping, working out or

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