‘Maniac’ motorist led police on terrifying 130mph chase before crashing dad’s car into learner driver

This video shows the “maniac” motorist who crashed his dad’s car into a learner driver after tearing away from police at speeds of up to 130mph.

Unlicensed Charles Dodkins took his father’s BMW 330 without permission then panicked and fled when spotted by officers.

The 22-year-old raced down the A19 and A66 at breakneck speed then crashed into a driving instructor’s car with a learner behind the wheel during a lesson.

The learner said “I thought I was going to die” while the instructor said she pitied the “spineless” driver, describing his actions as senseless, idiotic and selfish.

“It’s only by sheer chance that no one left flowers at the side of the road that day,” the instructor told Teesside Crown Court yesterday.

Here is the crash from the learner’s point of view: