Stash Box: Sex and the Stoned City

Conventional wisdom tells us that coitus and cannabis just don’t mix, that pot kills your libido. But as is so often the case with conventional wisdom, this is just plain wrong.

Enjoying a few tokes of weed with your lover can be just the thing to send you into outer space. Just ask Cassandra Gemini.

A sex worker who incorporates weed into their work, Gemini has experience with different genders, body types, and ages and has found that sensual responses to weed vary. However, “gender identity (or age, or body type) has less to do with it than your relationship with your own body… . The more willing you are to experience pleasure, the more heightened that experience will be.”

Some of the most common benefits from cannabis are heightened sensory experience, a greater feeling of connection to a partner, lower anxiety, a greater willingness to move slowly and savor touch and pleasure,

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