Boring election? Alliance of Sex and Marijuana parties aims to change all that

One upside to new Senate voting rules is that they have driven a micro-party alliance giving rise to Australia’s first apparently irresistible political platform: sex, drugs and rock’n’roll.

Well, sex and drugs anyway. The Australian Sex party and the Marijuana (Hemp) party – in a liaison aimed at corralling the progressive end of the minor party vote – are running their “joint ticket” in all states and territories except New South Wales and Victoria, where they will preference each other.

Still, Fiona Patten, whose role as an MP in the Victorian state upper house gives the Sex party real skin in the political game, notes the party’s previous teamwork with Gotye’s Basics Rock’n’roll party. “We’ve got strong arts policies and we certainly support rock’n’roll,” she says.

Patten is no more inclined to talk down the idea

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