Sex and Hemp parties join forces for election

Hemp Party president Michael Baldertstone with Australian Sex Party leader Fiona Patten. (Facebook)

The Australian Sex Party and the Marijuana (HEMP) Party have reached an historic agreement to win seats at the coming federal election.

The parties will share joint tickets in a number of states in an effort to win the last two Senate seats in each jurisdiction.

Under the new Senate voting rules the last two seats in many states are an unknown quantity.

Details of the new coalition were announced at the Sex/Marijuana (HEMP) Party Queensland Senate launch on Sunday in Brisbane.

The new coalition will appeal strongly to voters with its socially progressive and economically prudent policies. The agreement would appear to be the first of its kind between minor parties in Australian politics and is in line with the urging of political commentators like Antony Green, following the new voting laws.

The parties will combine their resources and votes in Queensland, Tasmania,

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