Cricklewood woman Klara Dollan gave birth without realising she was pregnant

Smoothing down her suit for the first day of a new job as a sales executive, little did Klara Dollan know that, eight hours later, she would give birth to a healthy 7lb baby girl.

With no morning sickness, back pain or visible baby bump, there was nothing to hint that Klara, 22, was pregnant. Although she hadn’t had a monthly bleed, that wasn’t surprising, as she was on the Pill continuously. So when she started to have cramps early that morning she presumed she was simply having a painful period.

Determined to make a good impression at her new direct marketing firm, she endured the 40-minute commute from her house in Cricklewood, north-west London, to Waterloo, stood through a two-hour meeting, and only then did she have to leave, as the waves of pain became more and more debilitating.

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