Heart and Magic radio executive battles back against obesity

He dined with the stars, was in control of millions and helped shape the British music industry. But for all Phil Riley’s power, there was one thing he couldn’t control: his weight.

By the time he reached middle age, Phil, a radio industry executive who launched the Heart and Magic stations in the 1990s, was clinically obese, weighing 20st with a 42in waist and a body buckling under the strain.

‘My weight increased alongside my career success,’ says Phil, who at 6ft 5in was given the moniker ‘Big Phil’ among his colleagues.

Today, though, he is not-so-big Phil, having shed more than five stone thanks to a diet he created by picking from the best scientific research he could find on weight loss.

Phil Riley pictured when he weighed 20st Mr Riley today after<p data-recalc-dims=... read more at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3625254/The-diet-not-big-Phil-Radio-executive-launched-Heart-Magic-battles-against-obesity.html