Cannabis for Chronic Pain Relief During Sex: An In-Depth Look

In my previous article about sex, chronic pain, and cannabis, I focused on methods of incorporating cannabis into one’s sex life to maximize pain relieving benefits. This time, I wanted to chat with folks who are actually living with chronic pain to hear about their experiences with cannabis during sex in order to gain some insight and perspective.

I chose two sexuality educator colleagues who represent different aspects of life with chronic pain: first, Robin Wilson-Beattie, a disability activist and sexuality educator, and second, Alex Morgan, a pioneer in trans-inclusive sexuality education. Each lives with different aspects of chronic pain.

Alex Morgan (left) and Robin Wilson-Beattie (right)
Alex Morgan (left) and Robin Wilson-Beale (right)

Ashley: How does chronic pain manifest in your day-to-day life and what impact does it have on your sex life?

Robin: As a person with a spinal

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