Perverted tugboat captain plied schoolgirl with cannabis and alcohol before having sex with her in motor home

A perverted tugboat captain had sex with an underage girl in a motor home after plying her with alcohol and cannabis.

Simon Grainger, 59, sneaked the vulnerable schoolgirl in as his oblivious partner slept in their house just feet away.

Police – in frantic search of the girl – started smashing their way in and found her “deeply comatose, almost unconscious”, Teesside Crown Court heard .

Grainger – described by his children as a “perfect role model” – was jailed today, reports the Gazette.

Prosecutor Paul Cleasby said Grainger started talking to three girls who were asking people for cigarettes outside a Middlesbrough pub.

One of the other girls suggested she was 18 and another made the sarcastic remark: “Do we look 18?”

Grainger, who had been drinking, invited all three children to a party, suggesting alcohol was available.

He told them to go around the corner, shouting

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