Marijuana as a sex aid? Pot sellers hope so

Here’s the thing: When you’re writing about pot-infused products aimed at making sex more fun, there’s going to be nervous laughter and possibly blushing. There will be awkward pauses, and maybe a few too many “ums,” as the mind searches for the right words.

Or maybe that was just me.

During the past year or so, sensual oils have materialized on Oregon’s marijuana dispensary shelves, adding to the surprising ways pot is marketed. Entrepreneurs have come up with pot treats to ease your aging pet’s arthritis, tinctures to slip into your morning tea and balms that offer a buzz while soothing chapped lips.

It was only a matter of time before someone came up with a way to put pot to an especially intimate use.

These products, which typically include coconut or almond oil, essential oils and a potent dose of cannabis, are typically aimed at women who are told to apply the oil

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