Cannabis and Sex Toys: Two Industries with Similar Challenges and Strengths

Trade show season in the adult industry feels a bit like the winter holiday season in the civilian world. It’s a flurry of activity in a short time, you see a number of people you don’t see as much of as you’d like (and some you’d like to see far less frequently), and by the time it’s over, you feel full of joy and utterly exhausted. I’m just coming off of three days at the ANME (Adult Novelty Manufacturing Expo) Founders Show, which I lovingly refer to as “Fashion Week for sex toys,” and I can’t help but notice some similarities between the adult novelty industry and the cannabis industry. Business owners in each face similar challenges, but there are also corollary benefits. In short, we’re more alike than you’d think.

Banking Issues

Chase bank

“For nearly a decade, PayPal, JPMorgan Chase, Visa/MasterCard, and now Square,

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