Young mother Ronnie Tayler-Morrison and boyfriend ‘killed her baby son’

A young mother and her new boyfriend killed her ‘whingeing, attention-seeking’ baby and tried to cover it up after bingeing on drink and drugs, a court heard.

Noah Serra-Morrison was found dead on November 21 2015 after suffering 15 fractures to his body, one a 15cm wound across his skull.

Jurors at Luton Crown Court were told the little boy was injured likely after ‘deliberately and violently being swung against a wall or floor’, or by his limbs being twisted with ‘severe force’.

Medical experts said the 13-month-old’s injuries were so severe they were similar to those sustained in a car crash or a fall from a building. 

But his mother Ronnie Tayler-Morrison, 21, and her partner Hardeep Hunjan, 26, told police, paramedics and neighbours he injured himself falling from a cot – and that he was ‘awake and moving, with his eyes open’, but ‘not with it and not

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