How exercise ended Fern Britton’s lifelong battle with depression

As the host of ITV magazine show This Morning for more than a decade, she was the undisputed queen of daytime television. 

Her millions of daily viewers, in particular women, loved Fern Britton because she was ‘just like us’.

When she broke down with laughter on air, we laughed with her. She also sometimes broke down in tears. She had wobbly bits, and wasn’t ashamed of them.

So it is perhaps not surprising that there was a sense of betrayal after Fern revealed in 2008 that her dramatic weight loss – she slimmed from a size 22, losing a reported six stone – was, in fact, party due to a gastric-band operation two years before and not just  down to healthy eating.

Fern Britton, pictured, credits getting on her bicycle for helping her win a battle against depression

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