5 Cannabis Strains for 5 Specific Types of Sex

“What’s the best flower strain for sex?” I get this question all the time. It’s a great query that only has one completely accurate answer: it depends. There are many factors to consider when pairing a strain with sexual activity:

  • What kind of sex are you going for? (Solo, partnered, slow lovemaking, frenzied lust, etc.)
  • How does your body react to different strains?
  • What method of consumption are you using? (I’ve found combusted flower affects me differently than vaped flower)

Do Different Consumption Methods Impact Your Sexual Performance?

Here are some strains I personally enjoy with certain sexual situations. These recommendations are general guidelines based on what has worked with my body chemistry and tolerance, so keep in mind that your experience may vary somewhat. Also, for the purposes of this overview, I’m smoking flower, not vaping.

For Sexy Solo Time: Girl Scout Cookies

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