AM Links: Clinton and Trump Tied in New Poll, RNC Speakers List Released, Zika Virus ‘Threatens Much of the …

“New poll: Hillary Clinton 40 percent, Donald Trump 40 percent. In a three-way race, it’s Hillary Clinton 36 percent, Donald Trump 36 percent, Gary Johnson 12 percent.”

1) Did the Libertarians nominate the right guy or what!

Twelve percent! If Johnson scores twelve percent in the real election, Libertarians become a legitimate option in a lot of voter’s minds–especially if Trump is running for reelection in four years–and, even otherwise, Republican candidates start making a legitimate attempt to assuage us. We’ll be twelve times the margin of victory.

2) I don’t understand why Trump is doing so well when the American people have clearly been told to reject him.

Maybe the organized left and their cronies in the mainstream media should demonize whites for being racist, men for being misogynists, Christians for being homophobes, blue collar workers for being stupid, and the middle class for being selfish and destroying the earth–even harder than before?


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