DR MAX PEMBERTON THE MIND DOCTOR: How willpower can save you from dying

What an extraordinary love story. After 76 years of marriage, Miles and Phyllis Higgin from Burnley — who were described as inseparable in life — died just three days apart.

They met at a dance in 1933, when Phyllis was 15, and married in 1939. It took a world war to separate them and they exchanged countless love letters as Miles served with the Royal Artillery.

When he returned, they never left each other’s side, running pubs as a husband-and-wife team. After retiring, they’d go for walks together up to four times a day.

Even when the time came to go into a nursing home, they shared a double room. Staff recall them sitting hand in hand all day long, with Miles constantly telling her he adored her.

But this story is not just a touching testament to love. It also suggests something medical science can’t explain.

The couple’s

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