Most Marijuana Edibles are Less Potent than Advertised

Why are mislabeled marijuana products being legally sold?

It’s up to organizations like the FDA to regulate and ensure we are receiving safe and accurately labeled marijuana edibles for consumption. However, due to marijuana being federally illegal, there has not been much regulation on these products in states with medical marijuana.

How to tell if your marijuana edibles are mislabeled.

The best way is to take them to a laboratory that specializes in THC testing. This is not something many people can go ahead and do with every one of their edible purchases, just like we can’t do with each of the foods we buy.

Most Marijuana Edibles are Less Potent than Advertised

Studies tested many marijuana edibles for accuracy.

Reporter Mike Sugarmen of the San Francisco Bay Area CBS local newsgroup put the areas medical marijuana dispensary products to the test for accuracy. They purchased

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