The Most Popular Cannabis Products of 2016

Long Story Short

From vapor pens to carbonated cannabis beverages, there’s a lot of ways to get high in 2016. Although Cannabis in flower form is still the most popular marijuana product in states where it is legal, there are many new ways to get high that are rising in popularity.

With states that have medical marijuana laws forbidding the sale or growth of marijuana in its flower form, cannabis products that are in gum or beverage form may instead become the standard way for people to get high.

The Most Popular Cannabis Products of 2016

Data: Headset Inc.

Vapor Pens

Even though flower is the most popular, it is one of the least profitable cannabis products on the market. Vapor pens coming in 5th best combine consumer popularity with high margins. More than half of the top 15 cannabis products are pre-rolls or edibles

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