Wild Weed: Does Wild Cannabis Exist?

Cannabis has been used by humans for thousands of years and during this time many cannabis plants have been taken from their original environment, planted, grown, and cultivated in more controlled environments. With all the cross breeding to make new strains like Purple Dog Shit and Alien OG nowadays, is there such a thing as “wild weed?” The constant crossing of strains to create new strains and increase potency has made it hard to find a pure landrace strain at your local dispensary or anywhere on the market. Fortunately, despite the extreme amount of crossbreeding between strains, cannabis landraces can still be found growing around the world.

Wild marijuana or ditch weed in the US.

Industrial hemp was widely cultivated in the US’s Midwest during the 20th century. This was mostly to support the America’s war efforts in World War II.

Despite industrial hemp factories shutting down the

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