‘High’ Fashion: Stylish Clothes to help you hide or smoke weed

Whether you’re looking for discretion or convenience, there are some ‘high’ fashion clothing and accessories that can improve the quality of your smoke sesh. Some products are intended to contain the smell, some are made to make rolling up easier, and others make smoking in public less noticeable. We compiled a list of 5 of the best smoking accessories that can also be worn:

Weed Purse

'High' Fashion: Stylish clothes to help you hide or smoke your weed


First on the list is AnnaBis brand designer purses, which are made to make carrying your weed and smoking utensils discreet and fashionable.

There are several models in varying sizes and designs, including handbags and clutches. All purses feature an “anti-odor lining” to keep all smells inside.

The Melissa Multicase model has a space for 2 medicine containers, mints, a pipe, eyedrops, lighters, and even

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