Sex Party leads push to legalise marijuana – The Age

Victorians would be free to smoke and grow marijuana if a push by the Sex Party to legalise the drug is successful.

On Wednesday, Sex Party MP Fiona Patten will introduce a motion to the upper house calling on the government to immediately remove criminal sanctions for the possession, use and cultivation of marijuana for personal use by people 18 and older.

Australian Sex Party leader, Fiona Patten. Photo: Melissa Davis

The motion will also urge the government to allow the drug to be grown by farmers, which would create an additional revenue source through taxation. 

She will move the motion in a bid to force the major parties to debate the legalisation of cannabis. The matter is set for debate on September 14.

“The time has come,” Ms Patten said. “Most people understand that the overseas experience of legalising cannabis for recreational use

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