How Cannabis Can Take Your Sex Life to the Next Level Ashley Manta

When I tell people that I write about sex and cannabis, I get one of two replies: “I’ve never tried that,” or “OMG I have such intensely awesome sex when I’m high!”

I fall into the latter camp. How can you utilize cannabis to make your sex life even more fantastic? Here are four suggestions to try if you’re feeling experimental.


1. Create Your Very Own Pleasure Map

World map projected onto hands covering breasts

Cannabis affects bodies differently depending on tolerance, strain, and method of consumption. So once you’re feeling the effects, take time to explore your partner’s entire body. Cannabis can bring nerve endings online in a powerful way, and you won’t know which ones and how they like to be stimulated unless you experiment!

Afterwards, start to reflect on how you’ve felt in different places on different strains: you’ll start to understand more how cannabis

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