Philly mulls home delivery of medical marijuana

Medical marijuana won’t be available in Philadelphia for more than a year, but when it finally arrives, patients may be able to have it delivered to their doors like a pizza or pick it up at a dispensary tucked inside a large shopping mall.

At a City Council committee hearing Friday, city senior planner Paula Brumbelow suggested home delivery as a way of ensuring access to those who need the drug most.

Some jurisdictions already permit medical marijuana dispensaries to provide this service. Last week, New York state authorized delivery to people who are too sick to travel. There could be other advantages to courier service, such as avoiding pot businesses near schools, day-care centers, and churches.

Delivery “may also allow us to be conservative on the locations of dispensaries and possibly future recreational stores,” Brumbelow said.

When the regulations governing the state’s cannabis industry finally are adopted, entrepreneurs

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