DEA Refuses To Reschedule Cannabis But Will Allow Research

Long Story Short

The DEA just announced that it will not reschedule cannabis. As a result, cannabis remains a Schedule I illegal substance. But while the agency said it won’t change marijuana’s legal classification, it will try to make it easier for scientists to research cannabis.

The Details

The DEA’s announcement was a response to two new petitions asking the agency to reclassify cannabis. Marijuana is currently a Schedule I illegal drug. Substances in that category are defined as drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.

Schedule I drugs are also considered the most dangerous of all drugs. And they usually carry the heaviest criminal charges.

DEA Refuses To Reschedule Cannabis

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Critics of the U.S.’s cannabis laws have repeatedly asked the DEA to move marijuana out of the Schedule I category. But

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