Cannabis Prices Are Plummeting Thanks To Legalization

It’s the opposite of what the experts predicted back in 2015. But, whatever. Cannabis prices are plummeting, and we have to note but legalization to thank.

It’s simple supply and demand. But when experts were analyzing market trends last year, and taking in the massive corporate bloom of the cannabis industry, most were expecting price hikes.

And price hikes happened, but they happened just after legalization when the uncertain business environment had sellers hedging their bets.

Overall, however, the retail price of marijuana is sliding across the nation. As regulations replace prohibition, the “risk premium” of cannabis is going way down. Now that the cost of doing business doesn’t have to factor in the expenses of being illicit, prices can find their more natural level.

In fact, black market operators are beginning to find themselves priced out of the game entirely. Think about alcohol. Alcohol costs tripled under prohibition

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