Can Chronic Anxiety Be Cured With Cannabis?

Cannabis recently has been linked to helping and alleviating a vast majority of diseases, including mental illness. These mental illnesses include depression, eating disorders, and has now been shown to help people who suffer from chronic anxiety.

Chronic anxiety or Generalized Anxiety Disorder  is extremely common among adults and has symptoms such as constant worry, paranoia, chronic nervousness, or extreme tension. With these generalized symptoms, anxiety is incredibly hard to diagnose, understand, and in certain instances treat.

However, a new study by Vanderbilt University shows that cannabis has specific anxiety relief effects.

When a person smokes cannabis, receptors in the emotional part of the brain that are linked to our, “fight or flight” responses are relaxed. These receptors can be calmed by smoking cannabis and therefore create a relaxing mindset for the person who experiencing anxiety or nervous thoughts.

Cannabis delays our, “fight or flight” reactions and allows the brain to remove

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