A Delicious Cannabis Drink for Holi and the Rest of the Year

Bhang lassi is a tasty concoction of bhang, or cannabis paste, spices, and liquid ranging from coconut cream to milk. It’s the unofficial drink of Holi, the Hindu festival of spring and color. In 2016, Holi fell on Wednesday, March 23.

How Bhang Makes the Holiday Special

For millions of people in India and abroad, bhang offers the chance to see the powdered colors that Holi celebrants toss at one another more brightly and clearly. Bhang also helps people distinguish patterns better and deepens their appreciation of music. For those who prefer to celebrate Holi quietly, bhang increases the ability to meditate and relax.

Bhang is made by grinding the buds and leaves of cannabis. It can be incorporated into sweets such as a purple halva and golee, small, peppery balls. These are also consumed on Holi.

Sourab Agarwal, founder and managing trustee of

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