Stoner Sex: Non-Swingers, First-Time Faux Pas, Depression & More

Dear Hyapatia,
I’m a very sexual person. I’ve been in several relationships in the past few years with guys who like to swing like I do. These were fun relationships that ended for entirely different reasons, which had nothing to do with sex. I’m in a rather new relationship now with a new guy who’s not into swinging. He’s never tried swinging before, so I don’t know how to get him into it. Do you have any suggestions? – Jennifer

Dear Jennifer,
I understand that you’re a very sexual woman and have been used to guys who have no problem sharing and that it’s has been lots of fun. But you might take a moment to consider something different. Give this man a chance to satisfy you sexually on his own for a while before you allow yourself to fall back into your comfortable routine. It may be that he’s able to give you

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