Review: Day Dreamers Cannabis Chocolates

Pile of Day Dreamers
Daydreamers are portioned into 6 pieces making it easy to find the right dose.

A common story I hear is people ingesting too much of an edible. Inconsistent processing, testing, and packaging of products make consuming more than planned a very real possibility. Day Dreamers Medicinal Cannabis Chocolates were created with the goal of preventing this situation. Their chocolates are packaged in individual, pre-tested blister packs that allow consumers to carefully tailor their dosage. Ensuring users can be confident that the effect they expect is the one they’ll receive.

These delicious edibles come in the form of an indica, sativa, or high CBD bar—which was the one I sampled. The high CBD content seemed to balance some of the more neurotic and paranoid feelings I often get from edibles. Overall, the experience was blissful and relaxing, albeit not very

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