‘Abuse is Rampant,’ Screams SF Weekly About the Cannabis Community; What’s Our Reply?


Manicuring marijuana. [Photo by Kym Kemp]

After Shoshana Walter’s article on sex trafficking in the cannabis community came out earlier this month in a number of media outlets ranging from this one to Cosmopolitan, condemnation of the industry was swift. And the response continues to grow. Yesterday evening, a weekly column in SF Weekly called Chem Tales joined in with a piece this week called Abuse Is Rampant Among Pot Growers.

The article calls for “an abuse-free certification label that customers can select for in dispensaries. Qualifying criteria might include providing adequate housing, evidence of meeting payroll, and avoiding worker complaints.”

This could join other certifications such as Salmon Safe and Clean Green which are encourage cannabis consumers to support growing practices that they value.

I’ll be writing a monthly column for High Times starting in October. The editor requested the first column address our reaction to the sex trafficking article. So,

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