Hump Day: How to heat up national marijuana day

Whether marijuana is a rare treat or a daily habit, cannabis novices and experts alike come out to play April 20.

In honor of the stoner holiday, this week’s hump day rolled up a variety of ways to accompany coitus with cannabis. Plenty of marijuana users across the country report positive results from getting high, but not too high, and engaging in sexual activity.

As with alcohol, substance consumption complicates aspects of consent. Using marijuana as a coercive substance — as in, getting someone high to take advantage of them — invalidates the “freely given” aspect of consent. The same goes for administering weed without the knowledge of the consumer.

The big D: Dosage

Intensity and type of high depend on the amount, experience and strain. According to research, small quantities of marijuana produce minimal inhibitory effects and perhaps even improve the experience. Low doses can actually improve performance as a result of

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