Medical Monday: In focus: Dr. Pavel Kubu

Dr. Pavel Kubu has a profound mission: Deciphering one of the most complex, maligned plants on the planet. His mission-critical methodology: analytical science.

Dr. Kubu is the founder and CEO of the International Cannabis and Cannabanoid Institute (ICCI), a coalition of activists, politicians, scientists and businesses established in December, 2015. He is also the founder of the International Medical Cannabis Patient Coalition.

Medical cannabis proponents are demanding more scientific research on cannabis – now. But it’s a tricky thing to do right, especially for a complex plant that is always bumping up against the Schedule 1 dilemma blocking access for researchers and scientists.

Everyone in the cannabis industry has heard the outlandish claims about cannabis that have no correctly researched scientific evidence: that cannabis leads to addiction, that cannabis use leads to harder drugs, even that people are overdosing on cannabis.

But real scientists like Kubu, who is an expert in the field of

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