Stoned Sex vs. Drunk Sex: Which is Better?

This week’s mailbag question is all about cannabis versus alcohol during sex. Our dear reader submitted the following query:

“I tried to masturbate while tipsy last night and it felt like it took forever and I didn’t enjoy it as much. When I masturbate while high, it feels fantastic. Is cannabis the better choice?

Ah, the big debate. What’s more conducive to pleasure and fulfilling sexual experiences: cannabis or alcohol? I’ve always hypothesized that cannabis is better for sex. It certainly has been in my experience and from anecdotes I’ve heard from others, but before now I had no science to back it up.

Recently, however, sex researcher Dr. Justin Lehmiller posted highlights from a new study about this exact question on his blog. Twenty-four heterosexual adults (12 cisgender men and 12 cis women) in New York City were interviewed about their recent experiences using cannabis before sex and

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