Connecticut Man’s Termination For Marijuana Overruled

Gregory Linhoff, a long-time maintainer for the University of Connecticut, was fired in 2012 after a police officer caught him smoking marijuana in a state vehicle at the start of his shift. Their rationale for doing so was that allowing him to keep his position would send the wrong message to fellow state employees.

With the help of his workers’ union, Connecticut Employees Union Independent, Linhoff fought the firing in court, maintaining that his termination was too harsh. He cited his record of having no previous disciplinary actions taken against him in his 15-year tenure as an employee as the reason to give him a second chance. Also included in his defense was the fact that he had inadvertently brought his glass pipe to work. Upon finding it and noticing its pungent smell, he decided to smoke the resin remaining to eliminate the odor.

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