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Last year, there were a series of articles reporting that cannabis causes vaginal dryness, like a genital version of cotton mouth. Although The Daily Dot debunked that claim, some people still anecdotally insist that they feel less naturally lubricated after consuming cannabis. (Keep in mind that this may have more to do with feeling dehydrated in general than from it being caused by cannabis, so make sure to stay hydrated while consuming by drinking water.)

Regardless of the reason, remember that vaginal lubrication and arousal are not always positively correlated. One of the most damaging myths I’ve heard from my sex ed workshop attendees is, “You don’t need lube if you’re turned on enough.” Dr. Emily Nagoski addresses this myth in her blog, saying, “For women, genital response is not a measure of desire. Just because she’s wet and/or swollen doesn’t mean she’s interested, it just means her body has prepared

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