There’s Good News for Couples Who Smoke Weed Together

Teens in their parents’ basements, gaggles of friends at music festivals, the stressed-out worker alone in their apartment — smoking weed has now extended to seemingly limitless environments, as the drug gains more and more acceptance and takes on an added sheen of medicinal respectability.

But marijuana‘s increasingly widespread use isn’t limited to solo acts. Turns out that partners who are both inclined to light up may find weed brings with it several relationship benefits. While companies race to find the next Viagra and singles turn to alcohol to act as a social lubricant, the ideal substance to help our connections along might be sitting right in front of us.

Here’s why.

1. Weed can help couples open
up emotionally.

Some users report that smoking can help them lower their guard and be open to their partner’s perspective.

“I find that when emotions get heated and during
arguments, a weed

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