Cannabis: A Love (And Sex) Story

There’s a lot to be said for the relationship between love, sex and cannabis.

Whether you’re struggling to find your ‘bowl mate’, or you’ve already tracked them down and have found that a shared passion for cannabis makes your union that much stronger, Molly Peckler of Highly Devoted Coaching has seen it all – first- and second-hand.

That’s why Peckler – the world’s first cannabis-friendly dating coach – isn’t surprised that stories about love and sex have done so well with Civilized readers over the last year. In fact, three of the year’s Top 10 most-read stories concerned the topic: Is Pineapple Jack The Best Sex Strain Ever?, Here’s Why Cannabis Is The Perfect Aphrodisiac and What Is Weed Dick And Do You Have It?

“I think a lot of people have faced so much stigma and judgment when it comes to cannabis – especially when it comes to romantic relationships – [that] when

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