Researchers Think Cannabis Can Treat Autism

Long Story Short

Researchers in Israel think that CBD could be used to treat autism. And to test their theory, they’re coming up with a brilliant new experiment. The results of their test could seriously expand the scope of what medical cannabis is capable of.

Can Cannabis Treat Autism?

Dr. Adi Eran has put together a team of researchers who aim to answer the question: Can cannabis treat autism? Here’s how they plan to find out.

Researchers will look at a group of 120 autistic individuals ranging in age from 4 to 30. After splitting them up into two smaller groups, researchers will give one group CBD oil and the other a placebo. Halfway through the trial, they’ll switch it up. The group that got the real oil first will then be given the placebo, and the placebo group will start getting real CBD oil.

Throughout the trial, researchers will pay attention

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