Did you know some people can’t get high?

Did you know some people can’t get high?

Does it affect you or a loved one? With so many options for enjoying cannabis out there today—from vaporizers to edibles to tinctures, oils, buds and blunts (and the list goes on)—it seems impossible that the aspiring toker would be unable to find a way to get high that works.

But the truth is this: some folks just can’t get high, no matter how much they try. Sadness.

Maybe it takes a few tries, but most people who experiment with pot know what it feels like to be high. The laments of one Buffalo-area woman, however, paint a different story.


She just can’t get high! Green Rush Daily caught up with Amanda G. to ask about this unusual phenomenon. “I’ve tried it all, and believe me, I’ve been coached by experts.” For several years, Amanda

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